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JiangsuNylon Stabilizer HQS-2

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JiangsuNylon Stabilizer HQS-2

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  • Release date:2018/06/07
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   HQS-2 is organic copper based compound and their synergists as high effective heat stabilizer package for polyamides




 Good fit wit most non-filled, mineral filled, glass fiber reinforced, toughened, flame retardant, filament covering most polyamide resins.


 Sustain long term thermal ageing at 150~180oC, for glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6 & polyamide 66


 Excellent suppressant for polyamide pellet yellowing


 Provide good mechnical properties retension under UV


 Nature color in polyamide pellets retains when compounded or moisture adsorped.

Typical Physical Properties


 White powder.


 Melt processing


 Non soluble in water, excellent CTI performance achievable 

Let down Ratio

 0.1 ~ 1.0 wt.% suits for most cases, or combined together with other polyamide stabilizer synergists.


 Recommended 0.3 wt.% dosage for glass reinforced PA66


 Recommended 0.3 wt.% dosage for polyamide fiber

Storage & Handling

 Avoiding moisture, heat, control exposure to open air


 Shelf life under seal >12 months


 To feed in the main port of twin screw extruder is most straight forward. The use of HQS-2 concentrate is feasible, but the low melting point polyamide carrier is recommended.

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