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Synthetic Leather Flame Retardant: Flame Retardant Prevents Fire Life Guardian

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Synthetic Leather Flame Retardant: Flame Retardant Prevents Fire Life Guardian

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Synthetic Leather Flame Retardant: Flame Retardant Prevents Fire Life Guardian

"I would feel very uncomfortable if I did not use a flame retardant in the room where I lived, because it would have a great fire hazard." This sentence comes from Jamie Grunlan, a fire research scientist at Texas A & M University.

Can accurately say "flame retardant" three words, and will not use the flame retardant and feel uneasy people, most of the same experts with Jamie. The general public, and even perennial engaged in scientific and technological reports of journalists, even the "flame retardant" the word I am afraid have not heard of.

Flame retardants are mainly used in transportation, electronics and electrical equipment, furniture and building and building materials in four areas, every day we are with it "inseparable." The circuit board is coated with flame retardant, mobile phone plastic shell coated with flame retardant, cinema and theater seats and car seats using flame retardants, building exterior insulation materials are also coated with flame retardants.

Most of these materials use polymer materials or polymers (plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, paint and adhesives, etc.), some materials are even called solid oil, "a little on the".

Therefore, the relevant national fire regulations and standards are mandatory provisions of electronic equipment, construction, transportation, the corresponding plastic parts "must" meet the fire retardant requirements, that is, must add flame retardants.

July 6, 2013 in the United States San Francisco International Airport aerial photography South Korea Asian Airlines crash Boeing 777-200 aircraft wreck photos.

2013 Asiana Airlines flights in San Francisco crash, in 2005 Air France flights in Toronto crash, two accidents, due to the use of flame retardants in line with the US aviation industry on fire safety seats and cargo aircraft requirements , People have survived.

According to the European Commission, the use of flame retardants has reduced the number of fire deaths in Europe by 20 per cent over the past 10 years.

The Greenstreet Berman study conducted by the UK government in 2009 showed that the number of fire deaths was reduced by 54 cases per year between 2002 and 2007 after the enactment of the Furniture and Indoor Fire Safety Regulations for improving fire safety requirements, Burns were reduced by 780 cases per year, with an average annual reduction of 1065 cases.

Brominated flame retardants: interference combustion chain reaction

The US National Bureau of Standards (CSTA) conducted a fire test on five categories of products, including a polystyrene TV cabinet, a polyphenylene oxide business room, a polyurethane foam filled with a cushion, one with polyethylene Wire insulation layer coated with rubber cable and a polyester circuit board. The results show that the average escape time is 15 times higher in people with fire-resistant materials than in people without fire-resistant materials.

 "Fire burning, to meet the three conditions." Chinese fire-retardant Institute Secretary-General Zhou Zhengmao said. "Flammable substances, to achieve the ignition of the object and the participation of oxygen, are indispensable. Remove one of them, you can prevent the fire.

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