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The future of domestic flame retardants will be "qualitative change"

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The future of domestic flame retardants will be "qualitative change"

Release date:2017-05-06 Author: Click:

"China made 2025" proposed to improve the innovative ability of flame retardants and the level of industrialization, focusing on the development of halogen-free environmental protection and other high-performance flame retardants, industry analysts pointed out that in recent years, China's flame retardant industry development is gratifying, but from The overall development point of view, concentrated in the low-end products, high-end product market has been foreign-funded enterprises "dominate the world."

It is expected in the next 10 years, China's flame retardant industry development or will usher in earth-shaking changes. China's flame retardant industry development will be from the past, the number and yield gradually to the quality and brand changes, the market structure will be a fundamental change, scientific research ability, brand influence of innovative enterprises will be the mainstream market. Synthetic leather flame retardant

 High-end flame retardant dawn in front

 "Made in China 2025" clear halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardants as one of the top ten areas of development, the introduction of the policy will further promote the relevant departments of the development of high-performance flame retardant support efforts, while greatly stimulated the flame Enterprises business innovation passion.

In addition, the flame retardants in China in recent years, the fastest growing industry, the average annual growth rate has been for more than 20% for many years, far higher than the average level of national economic growth.

 With great power, the future, at home and abroad high-end flame retardant market, there will be more and more "Made in China" products.

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